Donation of water hose to Tiodze village

  • Community News

  • 12 October 2023

With the aim of solving long-standing water supply problem, Adriatic Metals donated a new water hose to the village of Tiodze

On 12th of October this year, Adriatic Metals donated 400 meters long water hose for Tiodze village local water supply. A dozen villagers, along with our employees and one TNT Minerals company machine, replaced the old hose under the main water source. The replaced hose was inadequate and has burst many times in the past causing shortages in village water supply. With this donation, a long-standing problem that caused numerous difficulties for Tiodze villagers is now solved.

It is important for us to emphasize that residents of this local community have generously shared this water supply with our company in past, and that this donation is our way to gratitude.